3. Hi, I wrote about Charles Burns’s latest three books, but I don’t think anyone’s come up with a collective name for it yet, so I just kept calling it “The Doug Trilogy.”

    I like to start low and work my way up, I guess.



  6. I wrote about Gotham, a bad show that I liked.

  7. antbf:

    this is literally the only funny thing

    co-signed, 100 emoji, etc.



  9. ILOVEMAKONNEN - Tuesday (feat. Drake)

    Pretty much just been feeling this lately.

    There’s a good bit on ILOVEMAKONNEN on the Fader too, if you’re down.

  10. thebristolboard:

    Back cover to Frank #4 by Jim Woodring, published by Fantagraphics, February 2001.

    I’m pretty sure I reblogged this before my original tumblr got deleted, so here it is again! ¬†Jim Woodring rules.