1. Anonymous said: what about baby, like you eat like baby what is that


  2. Anonymous said: you like poo poo or pee pee better


  3. kidontology said: Transformers 3 was like going to the opera what is Transformers 4 like

    The only other Transformers movie I ever saw was the 2nd one, and I watched it alone and drunk on the 4th of July in my sweaty first apartment in New York.  I would liken that movie to being lost in a different country where you don’t know the language and not ever being allowed to sit down or go to sleep.

    I’ve heard Transformers 3 isn’t that great, but if that’s the opera, then Transformers 4 is like if the concept/genre of opera were invented by America and it was sponsored by Bud Light and the military.


  4. essentiallydazzling said: Tell me your dream X-Men roster. Yeah, that's right. Not an ask, a demand.

    Damn.  This is the kind of question that gets you in trouble no matter what, right?  While I was kind of lukewarm about his run on Uncanny X-Men, I liked Matt Fraction’s approach where the X-Men didn’t necessarily have a lineup, it was more just whoever happened to be around at the time.

    I feel like my X-Men dream team is always changing around depending on who I’m feeling at the moment.  Anyway, here idk idk:

    Rachel Grey-Summers

    That lineup looks stupider and stupider as I keep looking at it.

    Here’s an alternate lineup of all-new, all-different X-men, just in case:


  5. iamdavidbrothers said: What was your favorite part of Transformers 4? I liked John Goodman a whole lot, personally.

    My favorite shot of the whole movie was when Lamborghini Lockdown drives on the scorched earth past TJ Miller’s newly firebombed body.  Surprisingly stylish, uncanny imagery happening from Bay in this one.  I know it’s pretty fashionable to be dismissive of his movies these days, but I’d be hard pressed to count out the dude who made The RockBad Boys II, and Pain and Gain.

    Other stuff: I loved Tucci’s whole turn as the logical, evil endpoint of Steve Jobs.  I liked Wahlberg as a meathead scientist.  That chase down the side of those apartment buildings where they’re hopping down from air conditioner to air conditioner and Wahlberg ends up killing Titus Welliver with a football had me losing my mind.  Oh! another good Wahlberg moment is when he’s knocking back that Bud Light in that wiener’s face because it seems like the only thing Wahlberg can think of to keep himself from just wrecking this dude.

    I think maybe I’ll just go with whenever Lockdown transforms his face into a gun.  That was cool every single time it happened.  I could’ve watched him walking around with a gun for a face at least 100% more.